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Viggo Cavling

Editor, journalist, podcaster, entrepreneur

Perhaps best known as the harsh and funny non-anonymous restaurant reviewer for Svenska Dagbladet’s weekly supplement Perfect Guide, Viggo Cavling is also

editor-in-chief of the food and beverage magazine Folkofolk and a columnist on the tech news site Breakit. On Saturdays, he records the podcast In the Head of a Pioneer with Katarina Gospic.

At 22 years old, Viggo founded Beckerell, the art magazine based in southern Sweden that developed into a gallery, nightclub and a TV program hosted by Viggo.

In 1999, Viggo became the editor of Dagens Nyheter’s Friday supplement, På stan, and in 2004–2011 he served as editor-in-chief and CEO of Resumé, Scandinavia’s leading media and marketing business magazine. In this period, the Resumé website became Sweden’s third largest business newspaper online.

Viggo has written two novels: The Fixer and The Fifth Wheel. In 2014 he produced and hosted the legendary YouTube Series Line Cook at 100 Days in collaboration with the restaurant Riche in Stockholm, in which Viggo taught his viewers about food and cooking by learning to be a line cook.