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Daniel Roos

Pastry chef, dessert stylist

Is it art or jewelry? Or is it a dish? All are fair questions when it comes to Daniel Roos’ pastries and desserts.

A member of Sweden’s national culinary team from 2009–2012 and a Culinary Olympic gold medalist since 2012, Daniel Roos is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed pastry chefs. That said, we have to add that the dishes Daniel creates can be quirky and fun. He is simultaneously professional and filled with child-like creativity, assembling typical dessert ingredients as if they were LEGO pieces.

After six years as head pastry chef at Operakällaren, Daniel is now a consultant pastry chef with his company, Pastry Design, and has had many prestigious assignments: when HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Crown Prince Daniel of Sweden married in 2010, they asked Daniel Roos to create their wedding dessert.

His cookbook, Desserts with Style, was published in 2012 and Daniel is now responsible for dessert at the Nobel Banquet.